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8 Trends in Software as a Service Platforms
To kick off the new year, I presented to around 40 or 50 members of Utah Technology Council ( UTC ) last week. The title of the topic they asked me to speak about was "Trends in Software as a Service Platforms". I searched around for some ideas and came...
On Web Dev Trends in 2007
Richard MacManus et al have published their web predictions for 2007 (prompting me to update the list I've been collating ). Great post and lots covered, so I'd like to comment on some of Read/Write Web's crystal ball gazing relating to web...
Web 2.0, Tech and Online Media - Predictions for 2007
It's only mid November and I've found plenty of opinions already predicting 2007 trends for the web (2.0) / tech / online media markets. I've listed some of my finds below. No doubt I'll come across few more before the end of the year...
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