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Social Clouds, XML 10 Years Old, and Honourable Mentions
The Social Cloud Kevin Marks is a software engineer at Google, was principal engineer for Technorati and one of the founders of Microformats . In this video Kevin talks about the big picture re: the phenomenon of online social networks in a presentation...
The Web Standards Fluster Cuck
Clucking bell, Molly Holzshlag really has kicked the web standards beehive with a blog post expressing her great discontent with the W3C and WaSP . Ridiculously Inadequate Backgrounder Now, before you head off and read the post and the 60+ comments, here...
Salesforce - Marc Benioff keynote
I'm here at the Salesforce Dev Conference in Santa Clara this morning and listening to Marc Benioff keynote who started his session 30 mins ago. First he opened up with acknowledgement that there is a the Google / Salesforce rumour flying around this...
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