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Facebook export - WTF????
On hearing the news over at TechCrunch that I'm able to export my social network data out of Facebook as a .CSV file using the FriendCSV app , I did exactly that. I have 74 contacts on Facebook but I managed to export 144 records . That's 70-odd people...
Privacy Policies should have RSS feeds
James Governor and Kevin Murphy both agree: site Privacy Policies should have RSS feeds. Absolutely.
Posted: Sep 04 2006, 03:57 PM by admin | with 1 comment(s)
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MSN Search Champs Podcast - Privacy conversation
I attended the MSN Search Champs today....and what a day. Given the recent news and concerns around the data MSN Search, Yahoo and AOL provided to the government, there was a session set up where the 57 bloggers / online experts at MSN Search Champ were...
Attention Podcast with Joshua Porter
This is a two part podcast with Joshua Porter . Part 1: 43mb, 45min Part 2: .46mb, 48min Joshua is a little faint to hear at first, gets a bit better later though, sorry about this. Part 1 Notes and Links Turkey, Black Fridays and Boxing Days (intro)...
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