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Chris Anderson: Charlie Rose interview discussing FREE
I spent some time this morning watching the Charlie Rose interview with Wired's editor, Chris Anderson , discussing FREE . The interview covers the economics and ideas driving the Internet's current (and future) state: the Gift Economy ; the Attention...
Windows Live Flickr?
Holy testacular Friday. Microsoft has announced in an official press release its proposal to acquire Yahoo! for $44.6 billion in cash and stock, offering $31 a share - a 62% premium over the current trading price. Ray Ozzie, chief software architect at...
The Banality of Social Networking
There is a fine line between extracting the potential goodness of social networking and drowning in its banality. This video by J.W Sass portrays the misery of the latter. via Brian Johnson .
E-Learning 2.0
What happens to education, learning processes and knowledge sharing when you combine learning objects , MUDs , RSS , podcasting , tagging , social networking , social media , network effects , AJAX, REST , web APIs , interoperable ID systems and open...
Closed is Still the Old Closed.
Kim Cameron, Microsoft's Chief Architect and the man behind Windows Cardspace (was infoCard), has shared his perspective the question of whether or not OpenID would make customers' lives better on social networks. There appears to be a general agreement...
Online, Video-based Technical Support Networks (on YouTube)
Chris Pirillo has a very interesting experiment going on YouTube. In a series of videos called Help! ( here's the latest ), he's recording answers technical / PC troubleshooting on his webcam and then uploading those recordings on to YouTube....
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