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The Third Order of Order
I'm thoroughly enjoying David Weinberger 's Everything Is Miscellaneous (The Power of the New Digital Disorder). Weinberger has a canny knack for taking a subject matter I feel I'm already familiar with and yet illuminating and expressing facets of it...
E-Learning 2.0
What happens to education, learning processes and knowledge sharing when you combine learning objects , MUDs , RSS , podcasting , tagging , social networking , social media , network effects , AJAX, REST , web APIs , interoperable ID systems and open...
MSDN Library - now with Folksonomies
Larry Jordan has posted news that the MSDN Library now supports tagging by users: "The MTPS [MSDN and TechNet Publishing System] Tagging feature enables customers and authors to add and remove visible keyword tags to both topic pages and wiki blocks to...
Thinking with a hyperlinked-content processor
Alex Pang's post Thinking with a word processor led me to ask myself... This question: How does my trawling / tagging / blogging / processing of hyperlinked content affect my thinking? Answer: Immeasurably, I suspect.
The Lightnet Revisited
At the end of 2005 I wrote a post messing around with some ideas on the future of the net. One of the ideas was the counter concept to the Darknet, using the term 'Lightnet'. I didn't define 'Lightnet', Lucas Gonze did that (and soon...
Tagging behind the *firewall* - a case study
I've written about 'Enterprise Tagging' or 'tagging behind the firewall' before, but haven't come across any case study material in this area, until yesterday that is. In his latest post, Andrew McAfee has written up a short report...
A new kind of Tagcloud
Dire O'Banjo Dare Obasanjo :: "It seems some people have decided to invent a third kind of tag cloud; one where the size of the font is chosen at random and has no relation to the popularity or number of items with that tag." I did a check...
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Enterprise 2.0 and Culture Change
Andrew McAfee, an associate professor at the Harvard Business School has identified a user segment within organizations that he describes as the 'Empty Quarter' . The context is within the types of users who become the early adopters of Enterprise...
Support tagging
Christopher Carfi threw out a interesting idea yesterday... "When an organization puts out a product, the organization defines and publishes a particular tag that they will listen for in the blogosphere when there are customer questions (for example... plugin and Live Writer
This post is using Scott's plugin and Live Writer. Amazon and Delicious Plugins (for LiveWriter) I'm going to have to play around with the plugin... It works...picked up my annotation too...! **Thinking out loud now**....
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A social
There is a team at Microsoft that over the years has delivered some amazing things for the community of Microsoft customers: blogs on MSDN and TechNet , MSDN Wikis , Codeplex , the RSS Directory , ASP.NET , and GotDotNet to name a few. More...
The Long Tail of Tags
I made an observation the other day, that then led me to another and then another. Perhaps these are entirely obvious to you but I hadn't previously made the connection between the tags I use, their frequency in my tagcloud and Chris Anderson's...
Moving my blog
OK, so I moved my new Alex Barnett blog to here for a number of reasons, explained here at my, er, new blog .
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