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CopyBot and Napsterization of Matter
Last year I wrote up a post called 'Napsterization of Matter - A Thought Exercise' . The point was to consider the social and economic impact of a technology could allow real world objects to be copied and rendered by anyone without restraint...
Those unreal tube taxes
Looks like governments are going to look into them tubes again ...the virtual commerce sort this time. I wonder how Ted Stevens is going to try and explain what Second Life commerce is all about... ", them tubes see, pass little coins through...
Virtual evangelism
Amazon's web services evangelist Jeff Barr is innovating once more ... "Last night I did my second-ever Amazon Web Services presentation from within Second Life . There are some good pictures here and reviews here and here ."
Virtual social software
I've heard a lot about Second Life , but I admit to being one of the uncool as I've not emersed myself in the virtual world to date. The latest post by Jeff Barr has piqued my interest though: "A bunch of people in the Second Life community...
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