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So what is an Enthusiast Evangelist?
Brian Johnson just landed a cool job as an "Enthusiast Evangelist" (EE) on Microsoft's DPE (Developer and Platform Evangelism) team. I worked with Brian in my MSDN / TechNet days where he then moved to the Mac Business Unit. He recently moved his family...
Jakob Nielsen admits a horrid truth
Jakob Nielsen admits a horrid truth : "I've been reluctant to discuss one of the findings from our eyetracking research because the conclusion is that unethical design pays off."
Does Xbox 360 warranty cover Transformation?
Saw the new Tranformers movie with William yesterday. Outstanding CGI and takes product placement marketing to new limits . Which brings me to the following question: Is this covered by the newly extended Xbox 360 warranty ? - is this your idea of transparent marketing?
This ad popped up on the site this morning. Overlayed is what looks like internal codes from their customer segmention model. Either this is shown in error, or, Chase is taking the notion of transparent marketing a little too literally.
Favorite word of the month: Marchitecture
Favourite word of the month: 'Marchitecture' : "A Marchitecture is an architecture produced for marketing reasons, normally by a vendor. It is designed to put the vendor in the best possible light by emphasising the positive as well as hiding...
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