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Designing Web APIs - Twitter Learnings
Although I made it to Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco last week, I didn't make it to a session Matt McAlister blogged about by Twitter’s Alex Payne and Michael Migurski of Stamen Design who presented learnings from the perspective of an API provider. But...
Top-10 Web App Design Mistakes
Jakob Nielsen is considered the web’s usability guru by many web designers and therefore very influential when it comes to perceived best practices in this domain. Last week he shared his thoughts on web application design, specifically the top 10 mistakes...
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Redmonk, Guinness and random stuff
In San Francisco last night, catching up with the Redmonk folks celebrating their 5th birthday (thanks to James for inviting me). Caught up with some industry legends - Steve Gillmor , Chris Messina , Dan Farber and Ryan Stewart , and made some new friends...
Joshua Porter - talking Social Design for the web (podcast)
Last week I had the chance to some spend time with Joshua Porter (of to discuss his thoughts on "Social Design" for the web. We recorded the conversation and it's up now up as a podcast . Josh has a new book coming out soon, "Designing...
Jakob Nielsen admits a horrid truth
Jakob Nielsen admits a horrid truth : "I've been reluctant to discuss one of the findings from our eyetracking research because the conclusion is that unethical design pays off."
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