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8 Trends in Software as a Service Platforms
To kick off the new year, I presented to around 40 or 50 members of Utah Technology Council ( UTC ) last week. The title of the topic they asked me to speak about was "Trends in Software as a Service Platforms". I searched around for some ideas and came...
Ozzie's "Cloud OS" Raises More Questions than Answers
Ray Ozzie's briefing this week provided quite a bit more detail around Microsoft's "Software Plus Services" strategy. It's definitely worth a read (or a look , and if you're feeling too lazy for either you can read Nick Carr's summary ). It's been a year...
And of Dynamics Live CRM SaaS APIs?
Todd Bishop reported today of Microsoft's intended entrance next year into the B2B SaaS market with its announcement at the annual Worldwide Partner Conference in Denver, providing details on pricing and partner revenue-share plans for a hosted service...
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