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Breaking the Vista Customer Experience
Pito, you're dead right on this : "I’ve written in the past that I thought at 60,000 feet, Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X are more or less the same in terms of ease of use. The one huge (and probably crucial) exception to this is the initial user experience...
Ozzie's "Cloud OS" Raises More Questions than Answers
Ray Ozzie's briefing this week provided quite a bit more detail around Microsoft's "Software Plus Services" strategy. It's definitely worth a read (or a look , and if you're feeling too lazy for either you can read Nick Carr's summary ). It's been a year...
Raymond is writing a book after all
Thanks to Lilia Efimova , I saw Raymond Chen's news of a book he's publishing in Jan, 2007: 'Old New Thing, The: Practical Development Throughout the Evolution of Windows' . You can pre-order it here . Raymond works in the Windows team...
Windows Vista releases to manufacturing!
According to the Windows Vista team blog , Windows Vista has released to manufacturing (RTM): "And just what is this so-called RTM? It’s the major milestone where we can confidently say that Microsoft is done with Windows Vista and will be...
Posted: Nov 08 2006, 02:40 PM by alexbarnett | with 1 comment(s)
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Get your Vista RC1
Neowin has the links to the Vista RC1 goodies . Via Scoble .
Posted: Sep 07 2006, 08:11 AM by admin | with no comments
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