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Chris Anderson: Charlie Rose interview discussing FREE
I spent some time this morning watching the Charlie Rose interview with Wired's editor, Chris Anderson , discussing FREE . The interview covers the economics and ideas driving the Internet's current (and future) state: the Gift Economy ; the Attention...
Social Clouds, XML 10 Years Old, and Honourable Mentions
The Social Cloud Kevin Marks is a software engineer at Google, was principal engineer for Technorati and one of the founders of Microformats . In this video Kevin talks about the big picture re: the phenomenon of online social networks in a presentation...
Thank you Facebook
To everyone at Facebook - thank you. Thank you for creating a space where I've been able to re-connect with friends I've lost touch with. That's a big deal for me. Since moving from the UK to the States a few years ago, I have found email, my blog and...
Facebook export - WTF????
On hearing the news over at TechCrunch that I'm able to export my social network data out of Facebook as a .CSV file using the FriendCSV app , I did exactly that. I have 74 contacts on Facebook but I managed to export 144 records . That's 70-odd people...
The Banality of Social Networking
There is a fine line between extracting the potential goodness of social networking and drowning in its banality. This video by J.W Sass portrays the misery of the latter. via Brian Johnson .
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