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Astoria at MIX08 (REST in Vegas)
As much as I'd love to make it to MIX08 this week, time will not allow me...But if I were, then I'd be going to the following three sessions related to the Project Formerly Known as Astoria : Wed, March 5th - RESTful Data Services with the ADO.NET Data...
Dr. Peter Chen - the ER Model and ADO.NET Entity Framework - Podcast
A couple of weeks ago Dr Peter Chen , inventor of the Entity-Relationship model (ER model), visited the Microsoft Campus to provide a lecture sharing his thoughts on the ADO.NET Entity Framework . As we were planning his visit, he was very keen to make...
Q406 computer books sales
Tim O'Reilly has posted the second part of the Q406 computer books sales report , comparing Q4 2006 with Q4 2005. This is for top selling computer-related books sales in the US, not just O'Reilly titles. Always interesting as an indicator of trends...
A Short History of the Evolution of Microsoft Data Access APIs
Earlier this year I read Joel Spolsky's 'Joel on Software' . It's a collection of his blog posts bundled up into a real-world book on topics ranging from tips on code development, to advice on managing programmers, to strategies on running...
Connecting to my SQL Server db
This is cool. I've connected to my SQL Server db created for running the Community Server (2.1) on ASPnix using Microsoft SQL Management Studio. Now also testing the tags feature on CS 2.1 - adding the 'SQL' and 'SQLServer' (seperated...
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