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Sync Google Calendar with Outlook and more with WideLens
Google has just released a very cool utility (.exe download for Windows) providing users with the ability to synchronize their Google Calendar with Outlook. Some nice features in their release: schedule the sync frequency: every x minutes define...
Thank you Facebook
To everyone at Facebook - thank you. Thank you for creating a space where I've been able to re-connect with friends I've lost touch with. That's a big deal for me. Since moving from the UK to the States a few years ago, I have found email, my blog and...
Facebook export - WTF????
On hearing the news over at TechCrunch that I'm able to export my social network data out of Facebook as a .CSV file using the FriendCSV app , I did exactly that. I have 74 contacts on Facebook but I managed to export 144 records . That's 70-odd people...
Podcast with John Musser of
A couple of weeks back John Musser of joined me and Ted for a chat to discuss the state of web APIs and the API trends as he sees them. We've now recorded the conversation and published as the first of a newly launched Bungee Line...
Weird. Even Mini-Microsoft has a Facebook profile
Weird. Even Mini-Microsoft has a Facebook profile .
Two thoughts on the Facebook Data Store API
Two thoughts on the Facebook Data Store API: 1. One 2. Two
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Closed is Still the Old Closed.
Kim Cameron, Microsoft's Chief Architect and the man behind Windows Cardspace (was infoCard), has shared his perspective the question of whether or not OpenID would make customers' lives better on social networks. There appears to be a general agreement...
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