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Mind Camp 3.0 - Singularity Session Video
I love Mind Camp . When I'm asked what Mind Camp is I answer that it is what ever you want to make it. (more on the unconference format here ). When I arrived on Saturday morning I browsed the sessions that other attendees had proposed and there a...
Mind Camp 3.0 sessions
Here are some of the sessions that caught my eye at this year's Mind Camp. I couldn't attend these all, but those I could attend were great. I especially enjoyed the Living the Second Life session, learning loads about this upcoming nation . Real...
Potato shots
Yesterday morning I had the chance to fire a potato into a forest using a rocket launcher. A first for me and found it to be a strangely gratifying experience. The spud gun is capable of shooting a potato 200+ yards. Courtesy of Make Magazine 's Bre...
Off to Seattle Mind Camp 3.0
Off to Seattle Mind Camp 3.0 in a few minutes...If I remember correctly, it was raining hard on the mornings of the first two SMCs. Looks like today might be different.
Posted: Nov 11 2006, 10:28 AM by alexbarnett | with no comments
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