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Web 2.0, Tech and Online Media - Predictions for 2007

It's only mid November and I've found plenty of opinions already predicting 2007 trends for the web (2.0)  / tech / online media markets. I've listed some of my finds below. No doubt I'll come across few more before the end of the year and so as per last year, I'll update this page from time to time as I find more (updated December 20 2007, see the end of this post)

My own predictions coming soon, in the meantime feel free to share your 2007 predictions here too!

Web 2.0, Tech and Online Media - Predictions for 2007

Web 2.0 Predictions, by dtelepathy: "You should iterate, not pontificate."

Web 2.0 Summit Predictions, by Ian Kennedy: "My prediction is that next year's Web 2.0 Summit will be much more a deal-making platform for the VCs and tickets will be in the neighborhood of $5k - $10k and will feature a select group of startups and executives invited in by the organizers to talk about the latest trends."

Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2006, by Gartner: "Ajax is also rated as high impact and capable of reaching maturity in less than two years. Mashup is rated as moderate on the Hype Cycle (definition: provides incremental improvements to established processes that will result in increased revenue or cost savings for an enterprise), but is expected to hit mainstream adoption in less than two years. Location-aware technologies should hit maturity in less than two years."

Web Development in 2007, by Read/WriteWeb, Sitepoint and Ektron: "Most web technologies will apparently be used more - in particular Ajax, which next year is predicted to surpass Flash for the first time."

Online media predictions for 2007, by Cory Treffiletti: "Google’s technology will be applied to UGC and we’ll find ways to ensure brands are being shepherded through this type of content. Archive television catalogues will go online with burn-to-order biz models. Social networks will embrace the long tail. Personal start pages will rise in importance again (with behavioral targeting)."

Video Ad Spending in 2007, by Jimmy Lim: "Online video advertising spending in the US will nearly triple to $640 million in 2007, surging way past this year’s $225 million mark, according to a report by market research firm, eMarketer."

Media Predictions in 2007, by enigma_foundry: "the use of DRM will still fail to stop widespread copyright infringement."

Top ten alternative marketing trends for 2007, by Drew Neisser, CEO of Renegade Marketing: "In 2007 marketers will enhance their ability to defend against potentially ruinous blog attacks by dedicating resources to blog monitoring and blog response. The role of Blog Monitor will finally become a full time position in the communications department, as opposed to the occasional activity of a lone blog enthusiast."

Small Business Technology Trends for 2007, by Hoovers: "Beyond maintaining a perfunctory website, the biggest must have for a modern small business is a search engine results maximization strategy."

RSS in 2007, by Elie Ashery: "Toward the end of 2007, traditional batch and blasters will BEGIN to consider RSS on a mass scale for marketing purposes in addition to using email."

More RSS in 2007, by Read/WriteWeb: "Any way you look at it, 2007 is shaping up to be a BIG year for RSS!"

Microformats in 2007, by Alex Barnett :-) : "2006 will be a hot year for microformats, but 2007 will be even hotter."

Web Analytics Spending Trends 2007 by Forrester's Megan Burns: "We expect spending to continue to grow next year, although more modestly than in the past, with A/B testing seeing a bigger lift than other categories and licensed software starting to slow. The most interesting change came in plans to increase analytics headcount."

Memory Trends 2007, by DocMemory: "Looks like the mainstream will be DDR2 and DDR3 memory...Overall, we predict that 2007 will be a good year for memory vendors and consumers."

PC sales in 2007, by Eric Cheshier: I believe that analysts are underestimating the number of customers waiting for the release of Windows Vista, and margins won't be as low as they have been in the recent past thanks to high demand. We should see some huge numbers coming from PC makers in Q1 2007."

Top Enterprise Security Trends for 2007, by Burton Group: "Another tipping point in the industry is application security. SOA heralds a sea-change in software deployment and efforts are underway to secure web services."

Data Storage Predictions in 2007, by 300 storage industry professionals: "De-duplication will be a customer requirement in more than 50% of new deployments sometime between now and the end of 2007."

7 Predictions about Macworld 2007, by Michael at applegazette: "I think Macworld 2007’s “One More Thing” will be the long rumored Apple iPhone."

Bonus Predictions for 2007

US growth in 2007 , by First Berlin: "analysts expect households to opt for savings rather than spend in 2007 on account of declining house prices and a weaker labour market."

2007 NFL Super Bowl Predictions by Mike Hayes: "Based on odds from Pinnacle Sportsbook, the Colts at 5/1 and Patriots at 8/1 are the favorites to emerge from the AFC while the Seahawks and Panthers share the NFC honors as co-favorites at 9/1."

Hair Trends Predictions for 2007, by Hairfinder: For Women: "Color trends will feature a general shift to lighter and warmer hair colors." For Men: "Men’s hair styles will act nearly opposite the way women’s hair trends go."

Fashion Trends 2007, by AsahiKASEI Group: "Allure, class, elegance and style are keywords for 2007!"

Fidel Castro in 2007, by the US Government: "U.S. officials believe Castro may not last through 2007, and would live up to 18 months if he undergoes chemotherapy, and three to eight months without it."

Weather in 2007, by Climate Prediction Center: "El Niño conditions are likely to continue into early 2007"

The Middle East in 2007, by Syria (the country): "We hope to have in 2007 a peace process to settle the (Arab-Israeli) issue" 

TV Predictions for 2007, by Bob Sassone: "Paris Hilton will be either arrested, get into a car accident, or say something something really stupid. Probably all three, at the same time."

US Housing Market in 2007, by Harold Deonarine: "Thousands of agents will disappear from the business all together, because it will be a tough market. We have entered into the end of the 10 yr cycle, prices of real estate will drop significantly, and will be a market for Investors."

Bonus Bonus Predictions for 2007

Levi's Predictions 2007, by a Psychic Tarot Reader: "2007 will see more simultaneous volcano eruption than ever recorded."

Annual spa trends 2007 unveiled, by Spa Travel News: “Social spa-ing” will emerge as an exciting new term, describing the emphasis on opportunities to connect, converse, and play in the spa environment."

Update: December 20 2007:

Global IT Spending in 2007, by Forrester Research: "global purchases of IT goods and services will slow to five percent growth in 2007, reaching $1.55 trillion in sales"

5 Top Business Ideas for 2007, by Matt McAlister: "Pay-as-you-go storage, computing, whatever"

Geek Predictions for 2007, by Channel 9 users: " wins a Vloggie."

2007 Programming Predictions, by Jason Kolb: "AJAX will be fleshed out and new development models will emerge that make the division between browser and server more seamless"

Big in 2007, by 'Dennis' in NYC: "Mainstream acceptance of design"

Content in 2007, by "GENERATION C(ONTENT) is joining GENERATION C(ASH). If consumers produce the content, if they are the content, and that content brings in money for aggregating brands, then revenue and profit-sharing is going to be one of 2007’s main themes in the online space.

Browser War in 2007, by Alex Iskold and edited by Richard MacManus: "the innovative Semantic Web, Smart Browsing and Attention technologies that are in the spotlight for 2007 - are paving the road for Microsoft to control the browser"

Blogging in 2007, by Gartner: "the number of bloggers will level off in the first half of next year at roughly 100 million worldwide."

Gartner in 2007, by Jason Wood:  "My prediction for 2007...Gartner will dramatically re-assess its understanding of blogging and social media (0.99 probability)."

Our Media in 2007, by Jeremy Wagstaff: "The iPod will decline in importance as the music-phone takes center stage."

Influence in 2007, by Steve Rubel: "if you read the tea leaves behind some key statistics, the intensity of blogging may be plateauing."

Yahoo in 2007, by Paul Kedrosky: "Yahoo will outperform Google (and the market) in 2007"

Open Source in 2007, by Robert Mullins: "The pace of change in the open source software business is likely to accelerate in 2007 as developers climb up the software stack from the operating system and databases to applications"

Web Trends in 2007, by Read Write Web team: "the Semantic web is coming...We think companies like that will come up with the plumbing to help generate RDF based on HTML."

Web and Software in 2007, by Don Dodge: "Browser based applications - JotSpot, SocialText, WikiCalc, Zoho, ThinkFree, and others released first versions of Office like productivity applications. Expect to see these apps get better and the competition to heat up.

Semantic Web on 2007, by Dan Farber: "the Semantic Web is going to be an important element in the evolution of the Web, but next year will still be about planting seeds, not harvesting crops"

Alex Barnett in 2007, by Danny Ayers: "Alex himself will predict that 2008 will be a foo year for bar."

RIA in 2007, by Ryan Stewart: "Alex Barnett says, 2007 is going to be a big year for Rich Internet Applications. Hopefully we'll even be able to say it without quotes Alex .;)"


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