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When I wrote on Thursday night that there was storm raging, I wasn't joking.

Here's a pic courtesy of the appropriately named Slam team:


I saw a fair amount of damage driving around yesterday while trying to find a hot meal. Richard Sprague saw some carnage too. There was plenty, what a mess.

The power cut out on Friday morning, 4:37 am, according to my alarm clock and came back on after 24-hour power cut. I was one of around 800,000 without power.

Like other Microsoft bloggers, this has been the longest cutout I've experienced. Being a Londoner and all that, the NW of US can seem like quite an adventure, scary sometimes. There was talk on the radio of the cutout lasting a few days, so 24 hours doesn't seem so bad now, but I admit I was getting worried with the prospect of days without electricity. Fortunately, the little one and his mother are already in the UK for holidays, so I only had to worry about myself. No power, no ISPs. The radio became my friend, as did the log fire, some candles and Tilly, our newly adopted cat.

But it makes you think...Sadly, I read this morning that four people died due to the storm, one woman drowning in her own basement in the middle of the night. Horrid.

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