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FeedDemon 2.1 Beta integrates Windows Live Writer

Nick Bradbury announced the beta of FeedDemon 2.1 earlier this week, the feed reader I've been using for years now.

I noticed this snippet in the new features list:

From the release notes:

"If you don't already have a blog publishing tool configured in FeedDemon, FeedDemon will automatically detect Live Writer. Otherwise, click the "Auto-detect" button on the "Configure Blog Publishing Tools" dialog to add Live Writer." 

So I tried it out...It works! This post was created using by right-clicking Nick's post within FeedDemon and selecting Window Live Writer (WLW) from the menu (Send To >> Blog this News Item >> Window Live Writer (on your first run you need to select the 'Auto Detect Feature' - note: you must have already installed WLW on your machine for this to work...) - this copies the content of the post into WLW, ready to edit and post. Easy. Sweet.

P.S - I've got all this running on Windows Vista RC1 without any issues.

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