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Bungee Labs - interviews on Podtech

Brad Baldwin of Rocky Mountain Voices, popped over to the Bungee Labs offices a couple of weeks back and recorded two video interviews for Podtech. Here they are:

Bungee Labs and Their Ajax-Based IDE

"After years of working with developers at Microsoft, Alex Barnett thought the pitch from Bungee Labs was too good to be true. A Web-based development environment with the richness and power of a fat, local IDE but with a easier way to share, test and publish applications to the web? Then he saw it. Seeing lead to believing. Now Barnett is sharing the story with others as the community manager at Bungee Labs."

Demo: Creating Hello World with Bungee Connect

"Brad Hintze, product marketing manager at Bungee Labs, shows Brad Baldwin the benefits of Bungee Connect, a rich Ajax and browser-based development environment. Hintze quickly mashes up the Rhapsody service showing how easy it is to create and deploy Web apps with this next-generation IDE."

If you like what you see, sign up for the private beta over at Bungee Labs site. For this beta phase, we're looking specifically for devs who are familiar with the web APIs from the following service providers:

  • Amazon: (e.g. E-commerce Service, Simple Storage Service (S3), Mechanical Turk, Alexa)
  • Ebay: (Ebay Web Service)
  • Google: ( e.g. AdWords, Google Maps)
  • Microsoft: (e.g Windows Live Search, MapPoint)
  • PayPal
  • Real Networks: (Rhapsody)
  • Yahoo! (Flickr, Yahoo! Mail)