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The "Amazing Autocar Woman" (she really is amazing!)

I first heard about the "Amazing Autocar Woman" shortly after I arrived in the Redmond / Seattle area from the UK two years ago while I was looking around for a couple of cars to buy. For some reason, and one I regret now, I didn't contact Heidi (her real name) when I started shopping around.

This time we made the right decision in asking Heidi to see if she could find the car I was looking for (a BMW X3 3.0si) to replace our Jeep. We gave her a call and provided her with a spec. In a matter of hours, Heidi called back and let me know she could beat the price quoted by the local BMW dealer (by a significant amount). I found Mike Swanson's recent blog post describing the positive experience he had and his satisfaction with the overall buying process - so went for it. And I concur - very little to do on our part in terms of paperwork and all the hassle and the car was delivered to home at a time that suited. This was a breath of fresh air compared to the hassle and bullshit we had to deal with with the local official dealerships. With Heidi there was none of this.

Here's Heidi and me (looking chuffed with my new motor):

Heidi - The "Amazing Autowoman" and me looking chuffed.

The great thing about Heidi is that she's a buying agent. She's working for you to get the best price possible from dealerships. In this case, it was an Oregon-based dealer who drove the 150+ miles to Redmond to drop the car off at my place. I'm one 900 Microsoft employees that have become happy customers of hers. Amazing!

Here's Heidi - The "Amazing Autowoman" - and Curt who drove the car up from Oregon (and some other chap whose name I can't remember, sorry!):

Heidi - The "Amazing Autowoman" and Curt (and some other chap whose name I can't remember)

Thanks Heidi!!!!


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