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Bungee Connect at Web 2.0 Expo - Day 1

Quick post following our first day at Web 2.0 Expo. Went very well I thought. The team got everything up and running back at base and here on the floor before the avalanche of attendess came though the doors.

Got loads of interest and demand for beta access sign-ups for Bungee Connect. I'm doing some handcam video shooting and have uploaded a video to YouTube - it includes a flavour of the positive reactions we're getting from developers who are getting a chance to play with Bungee Connect at our booth. More to come...

Also, getting more coverage on our announcement yesterday from ComputerWorld and PCWorld:

"The Expo will showcase an impressive lineup of Silicon Valley luminaries, including CEO Jeff Bezos and Google CEO Eric Schmidt. The show is also being used as a launching pad for countless startups that are hoping to grab a piece of the media spotlight at the show.

Bungee Labs is one of them. The Salt Lake City-based startup will unveil Bungee Connect, an online, SaaS-based collaborative environment that allows developers and designers to quickly create Web-based applications using technologies like SOAP and Ajax, and tie them to third-party platform companies like Google, Microsoft,, and eBay.

"Companies these days have private Web services they use internally and public Web services for things like supply chain that are accessible to outside development communities, but integrating those Web services is hard," said Lyle Ball, vice president of marketing at Bungee. Bungee's Connect environment, which is free to developers, will make those interactions more fluid, with access to toolkits and tools for state management, and publishing and hosting Web applications developed in the collaborative environment.

The company sees the new services as a kind of "development as a service" offering and plans to make money using a utility computing model for applications that are developed and hosted on Bungee Connect, Ball said."