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Silverlight and Windows Live Hosting

I've just sat through Ray Ozzie keynote here at MIX07, his first public speaking engagement to a dev audeince since joining Microsoft, where he made a few interesting announcements relating to Silverlight.

I won't repeat all the details here since Ryan Stewart seems to be totally on the ball in having the scoop right away. To summarise:

"First, Microsoft is announcing that the CLR will be a part of Silverlight. Two, they are also announcing a Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) which is open source and will allow developers to write dynamic languages to be compiled into .NET bytecode. The DLR will be open sourced under the Microsoft Public License. Third, Windows Live will provide Silverlight developers a way to deploy applications on their service by implementing a hosted solution around Windows Live."

Hosting a solution on Windows Live? That's right...More on the Windows Live Hosting news:

"Finally, one of the interesting announcements is that Microsoft is going to provide a hosting service to budding Silverlight developers via the Windows Live property. The serivce gives 4 gb of space to anyone building and deploying Sliverlight applications. This means you can store Slverlight movies and applications on the Windows Live service and then deploy those on your blog or web page."

That's very interesting news but I can't find the link to Windows Live Hosting to check it out for myself.

In the meantime, Joshua Allen has also posted more details and links to the announcements themselves.

Microsoft has also just launched and updated

Also announced: Expression Studio is now shipping.


Update: 11:15am:

  • Silverlight Streaming is the name of the Windows Live hosting service for Silverlight content and apps -
  • Dan Farber has a good summary of Ray Ozzie's talk this morning. In a nutshell: software + services model. Services being Windows Live APIs plus content + app hosting service for Silverlight apps, Silverlight Streaming.


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What does microformat-aware Web browser look like? Richard MacManus has some of the answers , summarizing

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