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Outing dirty laundry
It's Jay Bazuzi's last day at Microsoft to become a stay-at-home dad . At one point Jay was development lead for the C# editor in VS. We've not met, and I'm sure he's a lovely chap and all that, but I did catch his parting wave on his MSDN blog, where...
ADO.NET Entity Framework video- 1 year later
Some old Data Programmability teammates of mine, Britt Johnston, Pablo Castro and Mike Pizzo (well, Mike's not that old), are interviewed by Charles Torre in this Channel 9 video to discuss their progress, challenges and customer feedback in the last...
VSLive! - New York
I'm heading over to New York for VSLive! New York . If you happen to be going too and want to meet up, let me know. I'll be there with Pablo Castro of the ADO.NET team who'll be demo'ing some cool stuff for Corey Thomas' opening keynote...
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