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Why OData Matters (IMHO)
Earlier this week I was in the MIX10 crowd as Douglas Purdy announced the Open Data Protocol (it was a great presentation - summarized here ). I want to share with you why I think OData could be a very big deal…But before we go there...let's start with...
Federated Apps on the Intuit Partner Platform
So what have I been working on since joining Intuit? A bunch of stuff, but something I wanted to shout about is the release of “Federated Applications” on the Intuit Partner Platform . Working closely with five new developers to Intuit's Platform as a...
Joining Intuit
Firstly - thanks to everyone who has reached out to me in the last three weeks via email, phone calls and comments since I shared the news of my pursuit for the next adventure - I have really appreciated everyone's support and interest in my next steps...
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