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Potato shots
Yesterday morning I had the chance to fire a potato into a forest using a rocket launcher. A first for me and found it to be a strangely gratifying experience. The spud gun is capable of shooting a potato 200+ yards. Courtesy of Make Magazine 's Bre...
My son wants to...
Seen .
Posted: Oct 12 2006, 01:54 PM by alexbarnett | with 5 comment(s)
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Alex Barnett Podcasts
Alex Barnett Podcasts - I like podcasting, here are the links to them. 2008 - Podcasts for the Bungee Line Nate Bowler, CTO of @Task , July 20 2008 @task (or AtTask ) is a Utah-based tech company providing a comprehensive, web-based project and portfolio...
Google News Archive - go back 200 years
Over the weekend Garrett Rodgers noticed a list of new set of domains registered by Google including the word 'archive', leading him to speculate on some possbile new services in the near future, something along the lines of the WayBackMachine...
Posted: Sep 06 2006, 12:08 AM by admin
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MSN Search Champs Podcast - Privacy conversation
I attended the MSN Search Champs today....and what a day. Given the recent news and concerns around the data MSN Search, Yahoo and AOL provided to the government, there was a session set up where the 57 bloggers / online experts at MSN Search Champ were...
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