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ID Cards - Get Less For More

When the UK ID Card scheme was first announced in 2002 the cost was estimated at between £1.3 billion and £3.1 billion over a period of 13 years.

The Home Office's most recent estimate has revised it upwards, again, to be £5.31 billion over a period of 10 years (2006 to 2016).

I haven't seen the maths reported elsewhere as follows, but it occurs to me this latest estimate from the government works out to be an increase of 122% per annum over the high-end of their original estimates (five years ago). And that is after a recent scoping down and delay of the project.

Yet another wonderful example of the UK government's track record in IT project management: "get less for more".

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You might have noticed I have little confidence in the ability of governments to successfully execute

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