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I'll be at MIX07

I'll be heading down to MIX07 tomorrow. Let me know if you want to hook up (ping me at )

There will be a torrent of Microsoft product announcements over the next few days - Sam Sethi has made a number of predictions on what some of these will be.

One of the sessions I'll be looking forward to is Pablo Castro's talk that Sam picked up on (I used to work with Pablo in Microsoft's Data Programmability team). If you are going to MIX07, DO NOT miss this:

Accessing Data Services in the Cloud
Speaker(s): Pablo Castro - Microsoft

Come learn about new Microsoft technologies that enable you to make your data available over the Web through a simple REST interface and using open formats such as plan XML, JSON or even RDF. We also discuss the underlying entity framework that makes it easy to model, publish, and program against your data over the Web.

I am going to MIX