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Grazr gets financing and more.

Adam Green, co-founder and CEO of Grazr Corp who mailed me tonight and let me know Grazr has completed a Series A financing round of $1.5M. Dan Bricklin has agreed to join the Board of Directors too, (the co-creator of VisiCalc and much more recently author of WikiCalc). Nice! Adam has more details here.

Grazr is a publishing tool for feeds. It lets you display RSS, RDF, Atom, and OPML files as a widget on any webpage. All Javascript, so no software download or installation is necessary for someone to view it in a browser.

I've been tracking Grazr for a while now. A year ago, Joshua Porter, John Tropea and I spent some time with Adam on the topic of OPML and its future and recorded the conversation as a podcast. Would be fun to catch up with Adam again and see where OPML and associated tech has come in the last 12 months.

Congratulations to both Mike Kowalchik (original author of Grazr & CTO) and Adam!

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