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Channel 9 videos - the (recent) best of...

Channel 9 keeps pumping out good stuff.

Here is my pick of recent interviews:

Charles Torre discusses programming language design with Anders Hejlsberg, Technical Fellow and Chief Architect of C#, Herb Sutter, Architect in the C++ language design group, Erik Meijer, Architect in both VB.Net and C# language design and programming language guru, and Brian Beckman, physicist and programming language architect working on VB.Net....I've previously mentioned both Erik (the guy who likes to cage up penguins) and Brian (Astrophysicist-turned-programming-language-designer) - get your IQ shades on.

Jon Udell's first installment of his new Microsoft Conversations series. He met with Chris Wilson who's been involved with Internet Explorer and with web standards for over a decade. Topics include: history and evolution of IE, Ajax, extending the browser (ranging from bookmarklets to Firefox extensions to plug-ins), and  Chris' additional recent role as chair of the new W3C HTML working group.

Rory Blythe gets a demo of Windows Home Server from the product team.

Charles again, this time interviewing Michael Surkan, Program Manager in the Networking group. Mike explains why IPV6 is cool (btw, IPV6 is natively supported in Windows Vista). The discussion thread is pretty interesting too (Mike is answering customer questions there).

Last, but not least, IE7 - the Browser, the Team, the Tour, Part 1. Here's Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

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